Who would benefit from NSKB
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altMMA Fighters

Born and perfected in Seal Team 10 and used by elite athletes across the globe, NAVY SEAL Kettlebells is the ultimate tool in your hardcore training regimen. Fighters developed unsurpassed EXPLOSIVE and TATICAL strength thru our unique whole body conditioning. With Trident Fitness’  Kettlebell workouts; fighters perform dynamic swings, push’s, presses, pulls, and squats creating a level of "combat readiness" that no other form of conditioning can match.


  • Increased EXPLOSVIE power- Punch, kick, and throw harder
  • Core Strength- Where it all stems from
  • Increased balance and flexibility- .....
  • Endurance- Go longer and  harder



altArmed forces

Rich Graham developed NAVY SEAL Kettlebells after spending 6 1/2 years as a Seal Team member. After undergoing the most physically and mentally demanding training on the planet, Rich Graham created NSKB to ready perspective candidates and improve the conditioning of existing soldiers.

Unlike traditional exercise routines which train one muscle at a time and have little "real world" application, NAVY SEAL Kettlebells trains multiple muscle groups to work together to perform a series of exercises translating into "real world" TACTICAL fitness.

Perfect for the most demanding soliders and the alike.

Use NAVY SEAL Kettlebells to enhance your physical and mental readiness to prepare for:

  • Basic Training
  • Seal Team training
  • BUD/S and other elite military training
  • Physical Fitness tests (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc.)



altNAVY SEAL Kettlebell is the ultimate tool in the arsenal of any athlete who wants to improve their physical performance



The unique NAVY SEAL Kettlebell program offers:


  • In home personal training from an accomplished trainer and former navy SEAL Rich Graham
  • Unparalleled versatility and functionality
  • Whether you are a professional marathoner, ironman triathlete or preparing for your first 5k, the NAVY SEAL kettlebell workout is designed to increase performance for at any level of fitness.
  • Athletes in any sport of any level can take advantage of the multitude of exercise options to increase their performance.


What are the benefits for athletes training with Navy SEAL Kettlebells?

  • Increased Strength and Endurance
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Better Flexibility and Balance
  • Increased Agility in any sport Discipline
  • Reduce Injuries by Building Stabilizer Muscles


The NAVY SEAL Kettlebell workout enables you build superior muscle strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and core strength so you can bike longer, run faster, swim more efficiently, and perform at an overall superior level.