Mission statement
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We at Trident Fitness Tactical, LLC are dedicated to "Proactive Empowerment" in the areas of health/fitness, firearms, and self-defense. Founder & Former Navy SEAL, Rich Graham, believes in training individuals in ALL areas of well-being, not just physical fitness. Which is why he developed the Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) Program.
With a background in US Naval Special Warfare and martial arts, Rich Graham's strengths lie in his ability to break down technical skills in an easy to learn fashion and teach practical ways for the everyday person to protect themselves & their families. 
Currently, Rich Graham and his Navy SEAL staff travel the US and world, providing multi-dimensional training to law enforcement officials and civilians alike. With his Belgian Shepherd working dog at his side, this dynamic duo continue to push the limits of K9 & handler capabilites in the most challenging of scenarios.

To learn more about TRITAC Training, please visit us on YoutubeFacebook and Instagram. To learn more about working service dogs, please visit Baden K-9, Inc.