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Navy Seal Kettlebells (DVD Series)

After undergoing what some say to be the most physically and mentally challenging training on the planet, Navy SEAL and Personal Trainer Rich Graham put together a kettlebell fitness series called “Navy SEAL Kettlebells.”

Rich created N.S.K.B. to improve the strength and conditioning of soldiers, martial artists, athletes, and for those who just want to get in shape.  

Since Rich has been an athlete, martial artist, and commando himself, there were certain key elements he was looking for to create an extensive program.  He found that he could achieve these goals with a tool called the “kettlebell.”

In this DVD series, Rich delivers at home personal training and teaches just as much of what to do, as what not to do.  This allows the users to immediately correct any mistakes right off the bat.

Navy SEAL Kettlebells will enable you to:

•    Build functional core strength
•    Develop stronger posture
•    Increase your explosive power
•    Improve balance and flexibility
•    Gain a better range of motion
•    Reduce risk of injuries
•    Cardio and endurance
•    Become stronger
•    Retrain your body how to move properly

People who train with Navy SEAL Kettlebells can cycle longer, run faster, swim more efficiently, and preform at an overall superior level.   This is a proven system forged by warriors!

To get started on Navy SEAL Kettlebells today, click here!

"I began training with Rich Graham using kettlebells following my shoulder surgery (torn labrum). I was skeptical at first, because my entire athletic life I trained using isometric exercises, like standard curls, shrugs, bench, squat, etc. It was just how I was trained when I played high school football. So I wasn't the biggest believer in kettlebells and Rich's methods. However after using Navy SEAL kettle bells I have become leaner, more explosive, and just flat out more athletic.

The real hidden gem of this training has been injury prevention. I have had a lot of issues with my hamstrings (tears and strains) and shoulders from playing sports and training only the “big” muscle groups. Rich's training has caused my legs to become part of my core strength and an asset to me as opposed to a constant hindrance. My shoulder joint has become much more stable and strong. We have developed the smaller muscle groups (that I used to neglect in my training) along with the big muscle groups to create this stability. My confidence in my shoulder’s ability to perform is back to where it was prior to my injury. I will NEVER go back to a gym again. Thanks Rich."      -Justin Cunard



Trident Fitness SeminarsTrident Fitness provides top of the line training to our clients.  Our passions range from kettlebell & strength training, to leadership principals and client retention.  TriFit seminars teach our students an abundance of information to enhance their fitness levels and training capabilities.

Navy SEAL and personal trainer Rich Graham is known for having a great way of breaking down complex topics into easy to learn principles that students can comprehend and remember. 

Rich bases his training philosophy on practical full body movement with a focus on spinal support and core strength.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, please check our calendar for up & coming events, or contact us to request a course at your gym or in your town.

Certification Courses

Team TriFit Instructor Courses provide trainers with detailed knowledge for their clients.  Navy SEAL Rich Graham is known for taking complex topics and breaking them down into simple lessons that are easy to learn and remember.

Trident Fitness likes to focus on teaching the potential instructors not only what to do, but also what not to do.  This allows the instructors to quickly recognize bad habits and movements in their clients and correct them right away.   Instructors will learn new and exciting exercises, which can spice up their workouts with existing clients.  Separate yourself from the average trainer and learn new techniques and skills based off of Navy SEAL style training.

Our training principles stem from real world movement, experience, injury rehab, athletic performance, and Navy SEAL training.  Our focus is on overall strength, stemming from spinal support and a strong core.   From here, we move outward toward the extremities, making our clients truly strong and capable for daily life and sports alike. 

If you are interested in attending one of our courses, please check our calendar for up & coming events, or contact us to request a certification course at your gym or in your town

Please note that Trident Fitness courses are not nationally recognized at this time, and we have the right not to certify any students we feel are not proficient.

Mega Mash Endurance Challenge

Trident Fitness Mega MashIf you’re looking for a serious challenge, you have found one!  This is a grueling test of heart and determination.  The TriFit Mega Mash is a weighted Ruck Sack march that typically spans over 13 miles and can take up to 10 hours to complete.

Mixed with obstacles, group challenges, and natural conditions, the Mega Mash allows participants to be tested in a way most have never been tested, unless they were exposed to prior military training.  When you hear your military buddies talk about how hard it was “humping” all that weight, this may be just what they were talking about.

Mens rucks weigh anywhere from 55lbs to 120lbs, and the ladies weigh from 30lbs to 55lbs.  Trident Fitness does NOT provide rucksack and equipment for this event.
If you are interested in attending one of our Mega Mashes, please check our calendar for up & coming events, or contact us to request a certification course at your gym or in your town.

Personal Training

From professional athletes to senior citizens, Navy SEAL Rich Graham has trained them all!  Rich has trained hundreds of clients, and he has helped redefine many clients’ training styles, based on the result they achieved under his instruction. 

So, whether you’re preparing for the military, a school sport, or just trying to get in shape, Rich Graham can personally help you reach your goals! 

To request more information on how to set up personal training sessions with Rich Graham, please contact Trident Fitness to set up your consultation.

Local Fitness Events

Trident Fitness hosts a number of weekly small group training classes in the North Orlando, FL area.  If you are from FL or just visiting for a vacation, check out our event calendar and come join us for a great workout!

Some of the weekly classes we offer include:

Kettlebell Conditioning:
This is an intense hour of kettlebell strength training and a true challenge for athletes of all levels!  If you have never trained with kettlebells before, check out our Navy SEAL Kettlebell DVD series to see what you’re missing out on!

Monster Mash: Circuit training on steroids.  Rich Graham developed this program based on his experience as a Navy SEAL and Martial Artist.  Using his previous training experiences, he formed this amazing performance-training program that varies every time.  Each class is designed for a full body workout that will put your determination and discipline to the test!

Hydro Mash: A close relative to the Monster Mash, but geared more toward endurance training than strength training.  The Hydro Mash is a mix of running, swimming, cycling, body weight exercises, kettlebells, and much more.  Also, the Hydro Mash mixes in aquatic exercises and even includes kettlebell exercises in the water!  This is a great addition to any endurance athletes’ training routine!

Check our calendar for up & coming local fitness events you can join in on!