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Trident Fitness Tactical or “TriTac” is dedicated to teaching people how to be proactive thinkers in complex and stressful situations through a better understanding of self-defense and tactics. We teach students not just how to perform self-defense movements, but why and when to implement them, depending on different situations and circumstances. Through mindful training and the clarity of thought process, students will become “Proactively Empowered!”

You did a great job, and I have had tons of positive feedback from the guys that were there. In my opinion your 8-hour block of training was by far the best training the MATOA has ever put on. You should be proud of that because I have had some major bad dudes conduct some training with us, and you beat them all....I guess SEALs really are the best of the best."
-Brian Grant
New Castle SWAT, DE
President of the Mid-Atlantic Tactical Officers Association (MATOA)

Firearms Training Course

Firearms TrainingNo matter if you’re on an elite SWAT Team or just a prepared civilian, TriTac provides a variety of different firearm training courses.  Our professional staff of Navy SEAL Instructors provides in depth training in thought process, skills, tactics, and much more.  Head instructor Rich Graham believes that your firearm is merely an extension of your body.  His focus is uniting the student with their firearm, creating natural movement and flow far beyond what you would ever obtain at a static shooting range.

Firearms Training








TriTac’s motto is “Train Like You Fight!” and this can be seen in all of our extensive courses.  Students will be incrementally pushed to their personal limits in a safe and controlled environment. 

TriTac continues to add more courses to our training library.  Some of the courses we have held in the past include:

•    Tactical Pistol/Carbine/or Shotgun
•    Close Quarters Movement
•    Home Protection Courses
•    Personal Protection Courses
•    Night Live Fire Training
•    Live Fire Rappelling Instruction
•    Advanced Sniper Tactics Training (LEO Only)
•    Stress Courses
•    Long Range Fundamentals
•    Team Movement & Communication Live Fire




Most skills are tested through “Stress Courses,” where students can implement what they have learned in a high-pressure environment to simulate a real world or a competition event. 

To check for up & coming events and locations, check out our event calendar!

To request a training course in your area, please contact us with your details.

"I found this course to be a great seminar, and it helped my firearms  development & understanding tremendously. Good drills & good deal of personal attention. The "stress course" was my favorite part because it put it all together under pressure. Rich Graham brings a unique perspective of a great shooter, great instructor, and lots of practical experience as a Navy SEAL to his seminar. Lots of good drills & detailed insights. I will Definitely be attending more courses with Rich!"
-Greg Mihovich, Owner- The Underground Gym, NJ

Nauka-USA Self-Defense Training

Nauka-USA Self-Defense TrainingTrident Fitness instructor Rich Graham is the USA counter part for the Nauka training system.  Nauka is a Slavic word, which means “the science.”  This hundred year-old Serbian fighting system is focused on exploration and development of the human potential, aligning itself with “The Full Spectrum Warrior” mindset.

Inspired by life itself, Nauka is an extremely effective and easy to learn fighting system.  To successfully protect against modern street violence, one must understand it first. NAUKA was born on the streets and battlefields of Europe, so in the end, it’s not about bodybuilding or how many competitions you’ve won. It’s about how you can effectively deal with violent conflicts so you can walk away as safely as possible.

When training with Nauka, everything is offensive and designed to deliver pain to your attacker, breaking their will to fight.  Come try it for yourself and see how effective this system is and how easily it can be integrated into your tactical training routines!

For more information on Nauka please visit their official site: www.nauka-training.com. 

Combative Fighting Seminars

You are your “Last Line of Defense!”  You have a responsibility to know how to protect your self and your family more so than any one else.  Refuse to be a victim, and gain confidence and training in how to handle yourself in the vital time it takes the police to arrive on scene.

Ranging from gun disarming to hand-to-hand self-defense techniques, TriTac delivers!  Our professional staff will teach you how to move, breathe, strike, redirect, disarm, and deescalate a situation.

Active Shooter Response Training

The Police are our allies, but the unfortunate fact is that it is almost impossible for Dispatch to notify the Police and First Responders in time to stop or prevent an Active Shooter incident.  

We teach our students how to fight back against an attacker whether armed or unarmed.  Either way, you need to have a plan and tactics in the back of your mind.  This is one course you can’t afford to miss. View Calendar

"I enjoyed the entire course! It demonstrated many practical tactics that are "real world." There is nothing that I would change about this course!"
-Anonymous Police Officer

Home Protection & Personal Security Measures

As home invasions become more common, it is essential that you have a plan in place for you and your family in case of an emergency.  We teach families tactics, movement, hiding, communication, etc. to allow you and your family to work together as one unit.  This can help maximize your response time and become a force multiplier.

We also teach security measures that you can implement in your home, office, or mode of transport.  Learn effective shooting and combatives for close quarter situations. View Calendar

K9 Employment

k9 employmentYou often hear that dog is man’s best friend.  Well, we are here to tell you that dog can be man’s best bodyguard!

A trained K9 is a force multiplier that can be with you all the time.  They are a 24-hour protection unit for you and your family.  When properly trained and certified, they can travel with you whenever you are not allowed to carry weapons on your person, such as the airport.

k9 employmentLearn how a K9 can enhance your personal security measures and witness the mind-blowing capabilities of these amazing companions!

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Disaster Preparation & Training

Disaster Preparation Training is no laughing matter.  Some have labeled people who prepare for tragic events as “preppers” or “fanatics,” but as soon as a major event like Hurricane Sandy occurs, those who did not have a plan and had not prepared, were wishing they had. 

These courses cover preparatory measures, after math actions, and essential training topics such as:

•    Medical & First Aid
•    Communications
•    Navigation & Map Study
•    Self-Defense & Security
•    Food Storage & Preparation
•    Essential Gear Requirements
•    Building Teams & Leadership
•    …And much more!

Don’t be caught off guard!  Learn how to make a game plan that works for you and your family today!

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Land Navigation & Compass Courses

Land Navigation & Compass CoursesThe ability to read a map and its terrain, locate your position, and understand distance and time is critical for outdoor recreation and survival.  With today’s technology, this art is quickly losing interest among modern adventurers. 

Learn the foundations of compass employment and the utilization of a map with our hands-on courses.  We take our students from the classroom into the brush and put them to the test in real environments to learn and develop their skills

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Stalking & Concealment Seminars

For those of you who are big game hunters or Airsoft enthusiasts, this course offers a plethora of information about how to use your surrounding terrain to move stealthily and undetected.

Learn skills and techniques to camouflage and conceal your location and movement as you stalk deer or your opponent. 

Our instructor staff consists of Navy SEAL Snipers who specialize in this rare art form.  So come learn from the best!

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Rappelling Instruction

We teach our students the proper implementation of how and when to use this technique.  We also cover the gear needed to safely preform these skills.

Rappelling is not only fun, but it can also be essential in a rescue situation, or in a situation where your gear is too heavy to safely climb up/down a steep hill/face.

In our advanced training courses, we even teach other skills to perform while on rappel, like live fire shooting drills and more!

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